Post Courtesy of Vinyl Wrapping San Diego

We discussed earlier how it is going to be hot during our festival.  We even gave some tips on how to stay cool during your time with us.   Now, it is time to discuss other forms of transportation.

Last year we found that there were quite a few people taking party buses and limousines to the Cleveland Irish Festival.  At first we thought this was different and interesting.  Then, we looked in to further.  What we found was probably some of the most amazing stuff in a long time.

We found that if you are coming to our festival in a large group then it is absolutely in your best interest to take a party bus or a limo.  These services offer an immense amount of value to them.  Generally, these services will offer you and your group pick up and drop off at one or multiple locations.  Then, even though we don’t like this part all that much, the party buses and limos don’t have to pay for onsite parking because they can leave and go sit somewhere else while you enjoying your time at the party. Though, if you did so choose, you could have them park in our lot and then be able to go to them to relax and cool off throughout your time with us.  Furthermore, you and your group can drink as much as you want because someone else is doing the driving!

In general, we believe that the use of party buses and limos is underrated.  These businesses allow you to travel in style and in luxury for a nominal cost.  A cost, that is well worth it in the long run.  After all, lets look at a DUI.  How much does that cost these days?  $10,000?  $15,000?  That is a heck of a lot more than $500 or $1000 for a party bus or limo.

Be smart!