Building on up!

Great news today folks!  Construction of the stage has begun.  This year we are using a new company for the stage.  We think it is strange, but for the overhead area they are using a different contract, roofers San Antonio, instead of doing it themselves.  We don’t care, so long as it gets done and it gets done right.

New Stage

Things are really starting to get amped up around here which just fueling our excitement for this festival.  We are super excited for all of the new vendors coming out this year.  In addition to them we have other fresh faces to provide us with music and entertainment for the festival.  Naturally, we have some surprises in store for everyone, and even some super special surprises for our volunteers.

We are also looking to hear your ideas on things you want to see and do.  We have an excellent list from last year, but since we are getting closer we thought we would ask one more time.  Are there any activities you all want?  What kinds of things would you like to have available to keep the kids happy?  We know you parents are going to want to have a good so we want to help with that and provide entertainment for the whole family.  Obviously the kids aren’t going to sit still through some of the music and entertainment.

How about beverages?  We have a few different vendors that will be offering different types of beverages at this point.  We aren’t biased, and to be honest we really don’t care about specific brands or junk like that.  We just want to have the things available that you guys want!

That is for now.  Keep checking back for updates all the way up to the festival  Even after we will post pictures from this year and at some point we will start on the site for next year.