St. Patrick’s Day

Obviously, we all love St. Patrick’s Day.  Why?  Because we get to celebrate by drinking!


Many people like to wake up early in the morning and participate in one of the many running events that take place in major cities around the U.S. on or around St. Patrick’s Day.  The one run that people seem to have the most fun at is the Shamrock Run in Portland, OR.  This run has different distances for different levels of runners.  Only the longest gets a finishers medal though.  However, all runners get a free beer at the end provided by Widmer Brothers Brewing Company!

Shamrock Run


Then of course there are other activities you can do on this wonderful day.  An even more popular activity than a run is called a pup crawl.  People off ages, ok mostly college kids, do pub crawls to celebrate this day and become wildly drunk.


Pub Crawl


In Chicago, IL they used to dye the Chicago River green to celebrate the holiday.  Many places also dye their beer green to serve to patrons.  Many claim it changes the taste of the beer, but lets be honest – they aren’t paying for the taste!


Green River


All of this to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland – St. Patrick.  St. Patrick is celebrated on March 17th every year.  Why March 17th?  March 17th is thought to be the day that St. Patrick died.


Who was St. Patrick?  St. Patrick was a missionary in Ireland during the later half of the 5th century.  Later in his life he actually became an ordained Bishop.  Unfortunately for us, very little is know about what he did during his time as a Bishop.  All we really know is that he was so well known around Ireland that the people gave him the name the Patron Saint of Ireland.


Here is a picture the Patron Saint of Ireland – St. Patrick.


St Patrick